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Thanks to your generosity, we have already reached our first goal: providing 100,000 students with masks and hydroalcoholic solutions. However, we are still looking for funds to finalize the distribution of the sanitary material. With a donation of 20€, you actively contribute to the realization of our project. We thank you for your donation.

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Account holder : B2HELP ASBL
IBAN : BE62 3632 0344 0261
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Account holder : B2HELP ASBL
IBAN : BE62 3632 0344 0261
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We collect masks, gels and PCR tests to ensure an access to education in a safe environment. We welcome any thoughts from our community, so if you can think of other equipment that would fit our goals, feel free to email us about it.

Are you part of a company and you believe you could help us with Logistical support, equipment, transport or advice? Please contact us!


B2Help is an organization made up entirely of student volunteers and our projects depend on your donations. We value transparency and our goal is to invest the majority of donations in our projects. Only certain structural costs are unavoidable. Nevertheless, with a donation of 20€, you can be sure that 18,80€ will directly contribute to a project that is close to your heart.

  • Social mission (collection of material and logistics) 94 %
  • Fundraising 3 %
  • Management and administrative costs 3 %


Why helping B2Help ?
Supporting B2Help means contributing to access to education for all in a health crisis. By helping us, you participate in a social and student project that has allowed us to collect masks and hydroalcoholic solutions for more than 100,000 students to support them in managing the Covid-19 crisis.
How much of my donation will be dedicated to the project ?
We are committed to dedicating 94% of donations to the project. The donations are dedicated to the collection of health materials and logistics. The remaining 6% is for management and administrative costs, as well as fundraising costs.
What are your management costs ?
ABeing all student volunteers, our team does not pay itself any salary, so our management costs are low. They include financial expenses, the hosting of our website, and the software we use.
Do you have the 60% tax deduction for donations ?
Unfortunately, we have not yet been granted any tax deduction. We are currently working on it and hope to have it in 2021. Do not hesitate to send us an email at for more information.
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