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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the world is facing many challenges. Education and health are among them. The school systems are weakened by the pandemic. Based on this observation, 4 students have created the B2Help organization. The main goal of the organisation is to support different schools, universities, and associations in their management of the Covid-19 crisis by providing the necessary personal protective equipment. B2Help is now a team of about ten students.

Since its creation, B2Help has collected more than 180,000 masks and 19,000L of hydroalcoholic gel thanks to a collection campaign from companies and municipalities in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. This sanitary material was then sent to our different partners in Togo and Benin to be distributed to students.


We work with the MCoop cooperative. This organization receives, stores, and distributes sanitary materials. In Togo, we mainly supply the universities of Kara and Lomé. These two universities are the two most important in the country and concentrate most students. We also support the associations Un Milliard de Sourires, Marem, and ADL which are active in education and development in Togo.


In Benin, we support the University of Abomey Calavi by distributing sanitary material to students. We also support the Claire Amitié home in Cotonou, which welcomes young women in precarious situations to guarantee them professional training. .

We consider that education is one of the most important factors for a better future. Our first actions were therefore focused on a precise objective: supporting schools and universities so that they could continue to teach and educate in a healthy environment.

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