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As long-time friends and management students, we share a desire to be useful and to develop projects. Access to education is a fundamental element in the creation of a better society, and we are aware of our privileges to have access to it in safe conditions. We created B2Help intending to secure education for other students in circumstances of health crises. Since then, the team has grown, and we are now around ten. Our longer-term goal is to address broader issues to protect education.

After having finished my studies in Economics, I am now living in London for a few months. Getting involved in a project like B2Help is a real opportunity to get a foothold in entrepreneurship. This non-profit organization, which I am developing with my friends, was born out of the desire to help others and to be an actor in our society. As president of our association, I mainly manage the team and the contacts with the suppliers!

Guillaume Hendrickx - President

Currently doing a master's degree in advertising at IHECS, I joined the B2Help team in order to put my media knowledge at the service of a project that is close to my heart. Being a frequent traveler, I have come to realize the need to provide any kind of help to those who need it. My role within the ASBL includes managing our social networks as well as creating relevant content related to our project.

Sam Walckiers - Community Manager

As a business engineering student at Ghent University, I wanted to get involved in a meaningful project alongside my studies. I love competition and I am ready to take on all types of challenges, including that of B2Help : providing sanitary equipment to schools and universities in Togo and Benin and preventing the spread of covid-19. My role within the association involves the management of fundraising and material as well as contacts with our suppliers.

Jonas Beyens - Financial Director

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Business Engineering at the University of St. Louis, I decided to start a master's degree in Operations Management at Ghent University. I like the world of entrepreneurship and teamwork. I find this positive group dynamic at B2Help. My role as Project Manager is mainly to create partnerships with local organisations, but also to manage the logistics of our projects.

Jacques Menu - Project Manager

As a business engineering student at Solvay, the entrepreneurial world has always fascinated me. B2Help is an opportunity to gain experience while investing myself in a meaningful project. I am ready to give 100% of myself to reach our objectives and to ensure an education in appropriate sanitary conditions in Togo and Benin. As Fundraising Manager, I am mainly responsible for raising funds from companies in order to obtain the necessary sanitary equipment.

Marie Barbolani - Fundraising Manager

Besides my double Master's degree in Business Administration at the KU Leuven in Brussels and in Global Management at the Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, I wanted to get involved in a meaningful project. B2Help is the ideal project to combine my desire for learning and entrepreneurship while offering young students access to education in healthy conditions. As a fundraising manager, I am responsible for finding funds from public figures and foundations.

Marie de Radiguès - Fundraising Manager

Having always been passionate about computers and trained at school 19 (42Network) I am currently working at Deloitte Digital as a developer. Thirsting for new challenges I joined the B2Help team. As IT Developer I help with web development and other digital tools.

Léopold Van Beirs - IT Developer

As a master’s student in law at UCLouvain and after a first experience in a legal non-profit organisation, I was attracted by the concrete and charitable aspect of B2Help. As a legal advisor, I help B2Help to consolidate in all legal aspects.

Lucas Schaffers - Legal Advisor

At the moment, I am following a masters degree in management science at the Louvain School of Management. I take a special interest in the following domains: marketing, innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship. B2Help represents a real opportunity for me to develop my management and relation skills. My role is to take care of tax accreditations and provide additional support to the various missions.

Thomas de Grand Ry - Trainee

Freshly graduated from a bachelor's degree in economics and management in Louvain-la-Neuve, and wishing to develop my entrepreneurial skills, I chose to start a master's degree at the Louvain School of Management focusing on entrepreneurship (CPME). By joining the B2Help team, I will be able to strengthen certain skills and I hope that through this experience I will be able to contribute in the best possible way to the success of this beautiful humanitarian project.

Antoine Malliar - Trainee

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